Tiny Dancer

Growing up I remember my cousin and I having these jewelry boxes that had a tiny little dancer inside. Whenever you opened it the box would play a soft little tune while she twirls around, I loved that jewelry box. Years later I’m now a mom myself raising three children two being beautiful brown girls. While strolling through the gram (Instagram) one day I received a message from an amazing shop Nia.Ballerina. From first glance, I knew I wanted to be apart of their message #representationmatters because well it does….it’s that simple. It's important for children to have positive images that look like them while growing up and its something I am passionate about. I try to make sure this is the case throughout their childhood from the books they read, to the toys they play with, to the movies they watch.

It wasn't until after I got past the beauty of their brands' message that noticed it, the jewelry box I had when I was younger. This time however that tiny little dancer was a brown ballerina! You see while I still loved my jewelry box my tiny dancer didn't like me. I was thrilled, I could now share a piece of my childhood with my girls while also providing them with a ballerina that actually resembled them. Dope right?? The jewelry box itself is a great way to keep their little accessories in a neat organize place, I’m working hard on creating better organization habits. However, the girls get more joy out of opening it to watch the little dance twirl around mimicking her action. It’s such a sweet moment to watch. While my jewelry box was lost over the years I plan to keep their Nia.Ballerina jewelry box close in hopes that they can share this same experience with their own children one day.

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