Pointe Magazine!

We are delighted that Pointe Magazine have done a feature on Nia Ballerina!  Words cannot express my excitement when I received an email last week from the assistant editor stating they would like to feature Nia Ballerina on their website magazine.  

It is widely recognised that black ballerinas are still hugely under represented in the ballet industry and it is good that the magazine are trying to bridge this gap.  I was so pleased to tell the Nia Ballerina Story, and the reason I created a music box with a black ballerina was because of my own daughter's passion for ballet, and that I felt compelled that my daughter see herself represented in something she loves, and no better way is with the toys she plays with.  A music box is not just a toy.....it is a keepsake item that can be treasured for years sometimes into adulthood and we receive so many messages from parents thanking us for finally creating something for black and brown ballerinas everywhere that is inspiring them to either continue with ballet or start ballet classes.  

Details of the article have also been posted on Instagram and beginnings; British mom Sharon McBean wanted her young daughter represented in the ballet world, so she created a line of ballerina jewellery boxes featuring a black dancer.......click here for the full article!

Thank you so much for this opportunity Pointe Magazine.


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