Oh how we love Nia Ballerina

Article Written by: These.4 Walls Blog

Who is Nia Ballerina?… and why do we love her so much? If you find yourself curious follow along as we give you a good read and unfold all the goodies we got our hands on from Nia Balleirna’s brand!

This small shop took the melinated IG world by storm. All of our girls had to get their hands on that tiny brown dancer!

When I was a little girl I had a music box with a ballerina that twirled to the music in it. I loved that little box oh so much but it was missing one thing…REPRESENTATION in fact representation of girls like myself was scarce all over. I can not begin to tell you how excited I was when I came across @nia.ballerina instagram! They had that tiny music box I loved so much as a kid but the ballerina “looks just like me” -Trinity.

Trinity my daughter has had this music box since Christmas


and can not keep her hands off of it. Lol


We were both STOKED when that tiny ballerina came to life in doll form!! (only Trins biggest obsession) Just look at how her eyes lit up when she came in he mail

The brown dolls are always hard to find in stores because they simply don’t put out enough. This is why I feel it is so important to support businesses that represent YOU and Nia Ballerina does just that! My baby rocks her Nia Ballerina backpack proudly to school!

and brags on her Nia Ballerina bdigs to all her friends I will forever be grateful for the smile they have put on her face and always support the Nia Ballerina movement. Check out their Instagram www.instagram.com/nia.ballerina and get your hands on some Nia Ballerina goods, I know you know a little girl who’s day needs brightening....Nia Ballerina has got you covered!

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